Cleo Saburafu
Break Blade 1: Kakusei no Toki
Personal Information
Zero Kills Cleo
12 Years Old
153 cm
Piloted Units
Military rank
Kana Hanazawa
Voice actor
Brittney Karbowski
Cleo is a 12-year-old mech pilot who looks like a teenager; her friend Lee used to make fun of her for being extremely developed for her age. She's a quick learner, but despite this she is very clumsy and somewhat a slow thinker with some subjects. She says her positive skills are cooking, laundry, and keeping watch without even getting tired. She graduated from military school after two years, when it ordinarily takes six years. When Cleo learns that Lee was killed in battle, Cleo believes Rygart killed her (unaware that Lee committed suicide ) and initially wants to kill him. Afterward, she meets Rygart in battle and shows a surprising amount of skill contrary to how she was before, almost defeating Rygart. She is defeated shortly after securing Zess's escape and taken prisoner, where she was treated very leniently and shared a room with Sigyn. She initially tried to escape by securing Sigyn's gun and attempting to kill Rygart, but fails because the gun actually had no ammo. She befriends Sigyn and no longer tries to escape afterward. Later, she is released in a hostage exchange for Rygart and his squad. Her family has been serving the Athens military for three generations, with her grandmother a retired mech pilot who is now an Athens military academy instructor and her mother, a high-ranking officer in the Athens military.

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