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The Kingdom of Krisna


Unknown Pilot No. 01

Unknown Pilot No. 02

Rygart Arrow


8.9 Meters

Max Weight
Empty Weight
Armor Lightweight Non-reactive Quartz
Armaments Two-Handed Broadsword, Small Lance, Large Lance, Throwing Knives, Shield, Katana, Giant Shuriken

Delphine (デルフィング) (also known as "Silver-black") is an ancient golem useable only by unsorcerers.

According to the first movie, its sensors recognize "normal" (magic users) humans as "Unspecified living things".

It is currently being used as a Heavy Knight for The Kingdom of Krishna.

The ancients inscribed the words "resist your destiny" on it's armor.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Delphine has a limited operation time of about 10 to 30 minutes, after which it must stay immobile and recharge its power source for about 24 hours. Delphine poseses amazingly strong quartz ligaments. These ligaments give Delphine superior jumping ability, acceleration, and strength. In fact, they are so strong that Delphine can jump nearly twice the height of any contemprary golem, run at amazing speeds, and rip apart enemy golems with its bare hands.

Description Edit

Delphine (デルフィング) is a golem of ancient times that the Kingdom of Krisna found while mining. It has a Silver-Black painting or coloring to it. Although it looks skinny and not very combat ready, it has amazing ligament strength which allows it to equip rather heavy weapons and throws things hard and accurate. When found, top golem riders tried to start it and control it but it wouldn't respond to anyone until Rygart came along. Rygart is the only pilot for The Delphine since he is the only one that can operate and control it amazingly well. As Rygart and the Delphine train for the fight against the opposing kingdom Athens, it starts to obtain a rather ninja or samurai looking too it as it uses Throwing knifes (kunai), a katana, and his final weapon that only he can use well (do to its extreme weight and need of easy mobility) the Giant Shuriken. Many a times, enemies refer to the Delphine as "Silver-Black", some enemies such as Lee were afraid of it being mass-produced, though many people compare it too a broken blade such as Narvi Stryze or General Borcuse. It is a very powerful golem but is has a giant weakness, if used to the extremes it will only has a maximum of 30 minutes of time for operation, 10 minutes minimum. If only used for traveling or not very extreme conditions, it has about 480 minutes of operation time as seen in episode 6 when it's finished cooling down. Due too it's extremely fasted running ability and strength it is able to equipped heavy-duty armor and ram other golems such as one of the Artemis in Episode 3 and the entire left flank in episode 5. It also has a very useful "Posture Control" function, if it is falling down, it will take control and balance itself once more to either stop himself or attack immediately after landing.



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