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Zess Broken Blade

Zess is a 25-year-old soldier of Athens. He met Rygart Arrow at Assam military school, where he was called "straight-laced Zess". He was the best pilot cadet in the academy's history and was full of pride. He first met Rygart when Rygart was being bullied and refused to stand up for himself. Zess defended him and quickly befriended Rygart afterward. When he learns his nation plans to conquer Krisna, he leads his Valkyrie Squadron, a small commando strike force of mechs to the Krisna capital in order to make Hodr surrender quickly to spare his friends and their country from the wrath of the main Athens Invasion Army, unaware that the leaders of Athens wants the royal family, including Sigyn Erster, to be executed. Ultimately his mission is a failure which costs the lives of two of his subordinates and the capture of Cleo. In his last confrontation with Rygart, he is critically injured when his cockpit is crushed. He returns home to his wife and 2-year-old daughter, all the while greatly regretting the consequences that awaits Krisna by the main Invasion force. Zess's Valkyrie Squadron Golems are the lightweight mech, Artemis.


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